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Our World

Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears - Emily Gravett
This book is imaginative, creatives and informative all at once. It can be very basic for those who just want to skim, reading the scientific words for a particular kind of fear i.e. Aichmophobia, fear of sharp things. Or it can be for those of us that love little details. You can dissect each page with its myriad of pictures. Oh, and there is a little story behind all these informative words/pictures too!
You Are Stardust - Elin Kelsey
We are all stardust. We are all connected to life on Earth and in many ways we are like Mother Earth herself. We breathe, we shed, we grow. This book looks at the animals, the oceans and how nature and her animals can be a metaphor to our bodies. The pictures are great too, created by making collages of every page.

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