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Categorised Picture Books

There are so many children’s picture books around the world (not to be confused with books with pictures). Many are good and have never seen the light of day, some others are only recognised in their own country. My goal is to bring you the best children’s books because I firmly believe that parent/teacher interaction with children is the way to enlighten them, teach them and make them into better human beings. Reading to and with children is one of many ways.

However, looking through the internet, I see these big lists of Top 10 or Top 100 book lists and they always have these things in common; the classics rule the roost. EVERY list has either Where the Wild Things Are and/or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Yet, what does that tell you? Almost everyone has been exposed to these books, so they don’t tell you anything. I might also strike a few nerves when I say, are the most popular, are the classics really the best books out there?

I also think that the variety of children’s books are widespread and their stories tell of different things. How can you compare ‘Cat in the Hat’ with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to ‘Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus’, it is like comparing Harry Potter with Jane Austin or A Game of Thrones with The Famous Five.

What I'm going to do is break up the Children’s books into many different categories of the best children’s books in those categories. I’ll start with a few in each and hopefully the list will expand out. As I’ve mentioned, some great books are only recognised in their own country, so I can write about what I know. 

Also note that while many books can be in a few different categories, I will only put them in 1 maybe 2 categories e.g. The Hunger Caterpillar would be put in both Learning/Informative + Classics, but a book like The Gruffalo, while it is somewhat funny, will not go in the category humour, but in the Intelligence/Wit one.

Feel free to email me with recommendations and I can add to my list once I’ve read the book.

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