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Friday, 15 November 2019

Belgariad Series by David Eddings

This 5 book series is set in a world where there was a mistake, a huge mistake that set the universe off its course and created two new purposes, and two people to embody those destinies, one the maimed god Torak, the other a simple farm boy named Garion who has no idea how involved he is in this. Two possibilities each fighting against each other to change the outcome of the world. If one their champions - the child of light and the child of dark- fail then its game over, the other purpose will win and there will be no stopping it. 

David Eddings can create a picture in your head almost immediately with the way he controls the words to make a picture for you as best he can, the whole series is really good at showing how the main characters evolve and change over time and you can really relate to the characters problems, in all its so good at telling you the story and really getting to the point while keeping you interested. 

Pawn of Prophecy is first book in the series. 

By Spencer, Age 10

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