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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rent a Bridesmaid by Jacqueline Wilson

This story starts with a dress...

So first Tilly's (the main character / bridesmaid) best friend gets a bridesmaid dress that she hates so she gives it to her best friend Matty, but Tilly gets scared that she won't get to ever be a bridesmaid so puts out a flyer to Rent a bridesmaid…(herself)

The first couple to want her, were old and had a small wedding and now are like grand parents to Tilly.
The second couple were gay and had big wedding that went in the newspaper because their friend works for it.
The last wedding was HUGE it was even on tv! But she doesn't like it as much because the lady who was getting married was mean, full of herself and all princess perfect.  

Rent a bridesmaid is a great story for girls (and boys) 7 and older.
One of my favourite parts of this book is its got 2 characters from another book called worst thing about my sister....

Out of ten I would give 'Rent a Bridesmaid' a 9 (9/10). Because sometimes it went out of topic. 

Apart from that it was AMAZING! Compared to other books by Jacqueline this is the best so far. 

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Review by Imogen aged almost 9.