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Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Adventures of Hutu and Kawa by Avis Acres

The Adventures of Hutu and Kawa is a classic New Zealand children's book from the 1950s. It isn't your usual picture book, but more of a story book.

Hutu and Kawa are two babies of the forest who want to go on an adventure. With the help of Old Grandpa Kiwi, they build a canoe. The birds and the forest folk also pitch in and give them gifts for their adventure. However, being on their first adventure, everything is scary. They find many willing animals that help Hutu and Kawa survive and get back to their Pohutukawa tree.

This is definitely a delightful story that has a lot about New Zealand flora and fauna. The pictures do have that old school feel about it, but at the same time, stunningly beautiful.

The hardcover edition of this book is also something special too. It is hardcover but it also has a soft outer exterior and holding it while reading was very pleasant.

Another great book that have happened to stumble upon.

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