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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Stripes! No, Spots! by Vasanti Unka

Vasanti Unka is starting to make a big name for herself. She has designed and illustrated Hill and Hole which won the Russell Clark Award for best illustrated children's book from LIANZA in 2011, as well as the best designed book from BPNZ in the same year. Her own book, The Boring Book, won NZ Children's Book Awards in 2014.

Stripes! No, Spots! is about a Tiger and a Leopard who disagree with each other. They start to fight and cause a lot of uproar. However, the Jungle Council called a meeting to sort their differences.

There is a lot to like about Stripes! No, Spots! It's design and illustrations are again right up there. There is a lot of detail in every page, from words to pictures. The array of different kinds of animals in the book was also a hit with the kids in my class. It uses just the right amount of humour without forcing it and even David Attenborough makes an appearance (which got me very excited!...kids had no idea).

Definitely a book to be picked up. Ages 4-10. While the story could be too simple for the older children, there is still a lot of vocabulary here for them to learn.

4 Stripes (no, Spots!) out of 5.

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