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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Piri's Big All Black Dream by Jared Bell

Piri's Big All Black Dream is written about Piri Weepu's dream of one day playing for the All Blacks and winning the World Cup, this book should get lots of kiwi kids interested in this book.

The message the book promotes is working hard and striving to achieve big goals, a great value to impart and there will be many who will latch onto this.

I really enjoyed the pictures. I could relate to those cheeky and funny pictures to the personality of Piri (at least what I see on TV). The koru design embedded in the capital letters is a nice touch and I wished there were more bits like this throughout the book.

I think that this book with all its great things has missed a bit of a trick here. It has taken a long time since that World Cup win and the book is written like it is for younger audiences who probably don't have any idea who he is. It either should have come out early or the way it was written should be more for the older kids.

However, just being about an All Black is probably enough to get many kids enjoying this book. 

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