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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Daddy Cuddle by Kate Mayes

A super cute book with delightful pictures. Daddy cuddle is about a little bunny rabbit who tries to get dad out of bed in the morning. 

The little bunny starts off just getting dad to wake up, but soon enough (because dad isn't getting up), he tries many different ways of getting dad up or asking dad to do all sorts of stuff. Not long, dad's bed is full of kites, bikes, cellphones and even squeezed out toothpaste!

I read this to a bunch of 5/6 year olds and 8/9 year olds at the same time. The little ones loved it and cracked up laughing at every instance, while the older ones probably thought it was a bit babyish. I think the little ones could really relate to it, and at the end when bunny hops into bed and cuddles with dad, they probably did that exact thing on the weekend. 

Take a look and maybe you and your kid(s) can come up with sentences that you guys might do together! 

Daddy read?

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