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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Magic Animal Friends - Poppy Muddlepup's Daring Resue

Magic Animal Friends by Daisy Meadows is a series of books that has a variety of different animals that star as the main character. I think it is always hard for us adults to judge what is a good kids book especially when it is for audiences so young. What may seem obvious and droll to us, is scary and exciting to them - so I got a 6 Year old to review it for me!


This book was about a wicked witch who put a spell on a dog named Patch. Patch fell into a deep sleep and two girls named Jess and Lily didn't know the cure for Patch.
Jess and Lily had to look for ingredients before sunset. The first ingredient was a hummingbird's feather.
I enjoyed the story because there was magic in it and cute animals. It was a bit frightening in the middle.
If you don't like magic this book is not for you.
Reviewed by Olivia aged 6

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