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Monday, 6 April 2015

Big Bouncy Bed by Julia Jarman & Adrian Renoylds

Ben and Bella are bouncing on their bed, higher and higher they go. Then other animals start to join in on the fun, but as more and more animals appear, how many will fit?

Who hasn't as a kid bounced on their bed, maybe even on their mum and dad's bed! This book will be something that all kids can relate to and it will be a good giggle when they are reading it. However, it might also encourage bed bouncing!

There is a lot of rhyming in Big Bouncy Bed, lots of animals and a bit about outer space too! So besides relating to the book, there will be some learning to go along with your bed time stories. The pictures are big and vivid and will be a hit with kids. As I write this, a little girl next to me at a cafe is peeking at the book!

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