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Monday, 13 October 2014

Review: Homeroom Diaries by James Patterson and Lisa Papademetriou

I love this book. It has so many twists and turns; you think it is all fine but then something bad happens. That is what I would explain this book as. I have trouble finding books I like but then I found this one. 

The main characters that you will meet are Cuckoo, Tebow, Flatso, Eggy, Brainzilla and Zitsy. Now these people are in a group called the "Freak Shows." In North Plains High, there are a number of groups such as The Barbies, Jocks, Goths and Zombies. But I should explain the personalities of the Freak Shows. Cuckoo is a not so normal girl. She is quite the crazy one but she is the main character in this book. Tebow is a jock with a kind and very strong religious heart. Brainzilla is a super smart barbie and is Cuckoo's BFF. Egg is a swag chilled out girl and sometimes a bit of a goth. Flatso is a nice girl who can beat a boy in a fight with one punch. Then there's Zitsy and I think we all know what his nickname means!

Some of the main events in the story are when the new teacher Winne Quinn arrives at North Plains High. Cuckoo and the other girls start to fall for him. That changes learning quite a bit. As this event unfolds, the Cuckoo's caretaker (Mrs. Morris) is having a bit of trouble and the ending is quite a surprise. 

James Patterson has many other books that I have also enjoyed, books with great twists and turns, just like this one. However, I think Homeroom Diaries is his best yet. 

By Grace, age 10.


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