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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Review: The Prince and the Potty by Nicholas Allan

The Prince and the Potty is a very humorous book based loosely on the current Prince George (Princess Kate and Prince Williams' boy).

The first half of the book details how important potty's are to royal babies and that a lot of prince and princesses became Kings and Queens when they were still in their diapers!

The historical fiction will leave the children wondering if it was true after they have finished laughing because each scene is so silly.

In the latter half of the book, it tells us of the little prince getting his own royal potty, how fancy and how great it is. Yet when he goes to the nursery and the royal potty is left behind, the prince will have to fend for himself and use a normal potty, which causes all sorts of outrage amongst all the royal helpers.

A cute book with cute pictures. This would be a great addition to any day-care, kindergarten or preschool library. 

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