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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Review: Hermione Anemone and the Enormous Storm

Hermione Anemone and the Enormous Storm is a cute little picture book by Ciara Molloy Tan and Michaela Blassnig.

A massive storm hits the ocean and while Hermione Anemone is safe in her rock pool, other animals however are not so lucky. As the storm rages on more and more animals take refuge to Hermione' rock pool. She doesn't mind though, as soon enough she's hosting a great party.

As a teacher, I loved the couplet poem style writing, since I had just finished teaching it a 2 months ago. Often we forget the little details in a book; we just assume that it is a typical rhyming story, rather than a deliberate act of writing.

There are also lots of different sea creatures to learn about like abalone, tuna and clams.

The pictures are super cute. People get told 'don't judge a book by its cover', but this can be especially true of children. A great cover and great pictures draw in eager readers (and listeners) like a moth to a flame, regardless of the story. 

If you've got some wee ones, give this book a go. You'll learn about sea creatures and have fun while reading.

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