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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review: The Scholar, The Sphinx and The Shades of Nyx by A.R. Cook

The Scholar, The Sphinx and The Shades of Nyx starts when David Sandoval gets kidnapped by a gypsy caravan and discovers that the ‘mistress’ is a Sphinx. She is slowly getting drained of her powers by a part of Nyx herself, a Shade. David must journey beyond the world that we can see, into the depths of the Curtain and beyond.

I enjoyed this book greatly. I must admit, at some times the plot was a bit muddled. For example, at the start of the book, you are sort of thrown into the story without any background of David or any explanation as to why he is at a particular place. At other times, I found myself caught up in the plot that A. R. Cook weaved. I really enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the characters and setting of the different worlds. 

You will enjoy the mythological characters in this book. One character that I particularly liked was the adorable Tanuki, a shape changing badger from Japan. He will definitely make you laugh at his funny antics. I hope to see him reappear in the next in the series. David Sandoval is an engaging hero, seeming a bit reluctant at the start of his journey.

This is a wonderful new series and I strongly advise you to stick around for the Epilogue. 

Review written by Keying

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  1. That was a lovely review of the book. Thank you for sharing. Keep doing your wonderful reviews!