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Saturday, 3 May 2014

International Giveaway: Earth Sentinels by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Win a copy of Earth Sentinels by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera.

Earth Sentinels is targeted at older teens (15+) and has violence in the book.

Here is an excerpt from Amazon: 


Enough is enough! They're taking the land back!

Earth Sentinels offers insights into current environmental concerns and indigenous injustices woven into an epic adventure. The story is filled with compelling characters, such as the fallen angel Bechard, shamans, spiritual beings and earth’s creatures who collaborate using supernatural powers to save the planet from imminent destruction, demanding that mankind changes its way…or else.
You’ll meet 17-year-old Zachary, whose family’s organic farm is being ruined by fracking; Haruto, living in Fukushima, Japan, where the nuclear meltdown is raging out of control; Mahakanta, a cotton farmer in India, who used GMO “magic seeds” with devastating results; the Amazonian tribe members, Conchita and her father, Pahtia, fighting against intruders illegally tearing down their rainforest; and the Bear Claw First Nation Tribe who are dealing with an unstoppable oil spill ruining their traditional hunting grounds.
As the events unfold and the world retaliates, each character is forced to question their own motives.

To win, just comment on this post or go over to facebook.com/thebestkidsbooks and comment on the post there.

Entries close Tuesday 6th of May at 11.59am NZT

Good Luck!

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