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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review: My Mummy is Magic by Dawn Richards

I think we all know that mums (and dads!) are magic. They do so much for their kids, including mundane things that we take for granted. As adults we can see this but do children?

My mummy is magic details how a little girl does appreciate her mum and all the wonderful things she does for her. 

Just some quotes 

"My mummy knows what I like, she knows just what to say. And if I hurt myself...my mummy magics it away!"

"My mummy is a super cook and all her food tastes yummy. She makes delicious puddings that do magic in my tummy!"

This is a great book for toddlers and children under 7. It can help hint to children how much "their" mummy does for them. It has rhyming words to help with easier reading and the pictures are cute. I also think young children would really connect with this book, as they will see themselves in a lot of these situations.

Make sure to also check out the parallel book My Dad is my Hero.

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