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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Review: Take Your Last Breath by Lauren Child

If you had to go on a mission to find your family's jewels, would you? Ruby Redfort who just found out she is a spy for a company called Spectrum. Her mum is always boasting about the family jewels that got lost at sea around the Sibling Islands. The water around the islands is rough and no boats can get to it. It is only calm once a year when a particular asteroid appears in the sky. In the water there are strange happenings. Mobs of sharks attack people for no reason and dolphins try to knock over boats. Ruby swims to the island to see what's happening and finds someone else is on the island too.
I think Ruby Redfort has a very strong personality. Phrases she often uses are 'Hang in there', 'I'll be there in five', 'Buster' and 'Bozo'. She always wears T-shirts that display her attitude like 'excuse me while I yawn'. Ruby is a risk taker - if there is something she wants to do she will go and do it without any hesitation. For example, she went through an underwater tunnel with no oxygen. 

Ruby Redfort was written because in Lauren Child's first series of books for older readers, Clarice Bean, was obsessed with all things Ruby Redfort (Ruby hair slides, yellow notebooks, and diaries). At first Ruby Redfort wasn't even supposed to be a real series but all of Lauren Child's fans were emailing her and asking if she could write a series about Ruby. When Lauren writes about Ruby getting her own way it's because Lauren was a middle child and she didn't get her own way. I'm glad she did as I liked everything about the story and especially Ruby's strong personality.
I think the book is a little similiar to other series like EJ12 and H.I.V.E because they are all about spies and villains and all the gadgets that they use. I think the message of the book is to trust your own instincts, which is a great message for kids.

The only complaint I have is that I wished the book was less fat and taller, so it is easier to hold. 

Review written by Chloe Innes

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