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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Review: Nomad by RJ Anderson

When you first see the cover of Nomad or hear that it is about fairies, you would immediately think, ‘Oh, I’m not going to bother reading books about fairies.’ That thinking would be wrong.

There is more to Nomad than meets the eye and is a book that I think is very good. 

Nomad is about faeries, piskeys and spriggans. Ivy, the main character in the book, is a piskey. When she is exiled from her poisonous underground home by the jealous Betony, she has to make a new life above ground. When Ivy’s mother gets hurt, she has to find somebody to heal her. Before it’s too late.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Swift, at first you may not understand Nomad. It is a bit confusing at the start and you don’t know exactly where you are. The plot takes a little while to take shape, but once it does, you will find yourselves wrapped up in a twist of fantasy and real life.

Ivy is an amazingly believable and well written character. Her thoughts make sense in her mind and her actions do too. Ivy is mature for her age, but not too mature, she is also brave, stubborn but loyal and a delight to read.

R J Anderson conveys deep emotion to us in the book but the characters hide their feelings from each other very well. This book also has a bit of a romance.

I would definitely recommend Nomad and I would recommend it to people aged 10 and older.

Thanks to Hachette NZ for supplying the book and Review written by Keying (Year 7)

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