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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review: The Dot by Peter H Reynolds

Vashti is a girl who cannot draw, but when her teacher insists that she draws something, she slams her felt-tipped pen into the paper in defiance. Her teacher calmly asks her to sign "The Dot". The following week, Vashti's "art" is framed and hanging off the wall. Vashti is at a crossroad.

http://www.bookdepository.com/Dot-Peter-H-Reynolds/9781844281695There are many kids books which are like this. It is a story about inspiration, that great things start out as small things, that you can usually do what you "think" you can't do. As a teacher, I am always finding different ways to inspire children to believe in themselves, to push themselves harder. Sometimes I do this with a joke, a pat on the head or lavishing words of praise on quality work.

This little story of Vashti is predictable (to us adults) but it is quirky and brilliant in its simplicity. The ending of this book is exactly what every teacher wants of their student.

Happy Reading

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