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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Review: My Little Geek, Sci-fi Shapes, Nerdy Numbers by Andrew and Sarah Spear

Usually I wouldn't write a review for board books (books made out of hard board, usually for toddlers/young kids so they don't rip/break easily), however, I was really keen on this set of books.

Why? Because I am a major geek! Combining education and nerdy and geeky things is just o-for-awesome! (New Zealand colloquialism)

Made by Kiwis!
My Little Geek was the first book Andrew and Sarah made and later on thanks to Kickstarter, they produced Sci-fi Shapes and Nerdy Numbers.

My Little Geek is an ABC book but replace A is for Apple with A is for Android and Z is for Zebra with Z is for Zombie.

Sci-fi Shapes has your typical shapes like square and the like, but throw in some dodecahedrons (12-sided 3D shape where all sides/angles have the same length/degree) and you'll be learning something new yourself.

P should have been pwned but that would just
confused children, however they did do L for l337 so...
Nerdy Numbers has your basic 1-10 but then add in numbers like googol and 42 and you will really be experiencing some nerd factor.

What is also really great about these books are the fantastic illustrations. They are cute, well drawn and yes...nerdy and geeky all at the same time.

Hint: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
My Little Geek is perhaps the best of the three books, not because of learning the alphabet but because it makes more sense. Each page has it's own mini story and all the letters on that page make sense together.

However, it is not all rainbows and sunshine.

War of the Worlds!
Sci-fi Shapes has no such interaction and while Nerdy Numbers has a little more interaction between numbers and pictures, the pictures have continuation errors; and let's face it, if you're calling your self Nerdy Numbers, I'm going to pick at things like that.

With that all said, not all of you are geeky or nerdy like me. At face value, these are three amazing books that help to educate the reader, make adult readers search up shapes/numbers to get a better understanding, has amazing pictures and are books that you would want to keep well after your children are grown up. (heck, I bought them!)

These books are also on Kindle and later on will be an Apple (and hopefully Android) app. Which will hopefully be interactive as well!

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