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Friday, 20 December 2013

Review: Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson

Diamond, by Jacqueline Wilson, is the fourth book in the Hetty Feather series.

Ellen-Jane has a bad start to her life, with naughty brothers. When her mum dies and she has to perform on the street to earn her living, her father agrees to sell her to a strange man. She begins a new life as an acrobatic circus girl, Diamond.

Diamond is told in the eyes of Ellen-Jane Potts, who changed her name to Diamond to fit in with the circus she is forced to join. The main characters are Diamond, Hetty Feather, Beppo The Clown, The Silver Boys, and Madame Adeline. With heartbreak, danger, bravery, and friendship it is a treat for all.

This is a superb book. Jacqueline Wilson describes scenes and characters as well as always, which makes it seem like you are actually there. ‘I was crying now as I ran around calling – and then I heard a wailing high above me. I looked up, the rain hitting my face, almost blinding me, but when the lightning flashed I saw a tiny creature darting about at the top of a very tall, thin tree, horribly buffeted by the wind and the rain.’ Jacqueline’s voice stands out in this book and I think people won’t be disappointed.

I think this book is one to put on your must-read list and is a gem, just like Diamond.

By Keying

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