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Friday, 22 November 2019

Geronimo Stilton: Attack of the Bandit Cats by Elisabetta Dami

This book is about Geronimo, Benjamin and Thea getting captured. They were on their way to the Legendary Island covered in silver and were attacked by a ship of pirate cats! On board, they were threatened to be fattened up and eaten for dinner. Would they escape or would they end up as soup?

I like this book because it is intriguing, mysterious and about going on an adventure. If you like this, you should read the other Geronimo Silton books!

Review by Apphia, Age 10


Zita the Spacegirl is an adventurous and exciting person. She loves going on adventures and exploring new things.  

She also has a lot of friends and in this book she comes
across a lot of bad guys. With the help of her friends and using her creative thinking, she and her friends defeated them. 

I really like this book because along with it has a mixture of adventures and partnership and for me it’s a really interesting comic book. 

I will love if you would read it.  

BOOK REVIEW by AnisaAge– 9 

Minecraft Beginner’s Handbook By: Team Mojang/Egmont

About: The first things that you need to know about Minecraft. The book gives you information about monsters (Mobs) and how to defend yourself using weapons and it tells you where and how to find diamond ore and mineable things underground and tells you how deep you need to go to find each ore.

Facts: Tells you how to make things and what materials you need to craft it. 

Tips: How to kill things and the basic things you need (well at least if this is the first time you play Minecraft) to know about Minecraft. 

By Zaki, Age 8

Be Kind by Pat Zielow Miller

What is it about: It is about a person feeling sad that they spilled grape juice onto their brand new dress, another person whose mother always said to her to be kind, tries to be nice to her by showing that purple is a great colour. 

Did I enjoy the story: Yes I enjoyed it because it is about being nice to other people and making them feel happy.

By Oliver, Age 12

Twilight Robbery by Frances Hardinge

Twilight Robbery is a great novel written by Frances Hardinge. It is one of my personal favourites and a memorable book. I enjoy the cliff-hangers and comedy that goes on through-out the story. This book is mostly focused on adventure and coming-of-age. I also like the characters and story plot. There are also other books about the same characters, but they aren’t exactly a series. I absolutely loved reading this and suggest/recommend it a lot to any reader, interested in a story about a young girl on an escapade (adventure). 

By Dreo, Aged 13

Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee

The novel Lenny’s Book of Everything, written by Karen Foxlee, is a great story in my opinion. I like this book because of how the story is told by a young child, which makes it easier to relate to and understand. I also love the characters and how the author wrote it out in a way that you would sort of empathise with them. I recommend this to children that are 10/11+, because they may find it as interesting as I did. I would classify Lenny’s Book of Everything as an adventure and coming of age story. I enjoyed it and I am quite sure you will too.

By Dreo, Age 13

Friday, 15 November 2019

Belgariad Series by David Eddings

This 5 book series is set in a world where there was a mistake, a huge mistake that set the universe off its course and created two new purposes, and two people to embody those destinies, one the maimed god Torak, the other a simple farm boy named Garion who has no idea how involved he is in this. Two possibilities each fighting against each other to change the outcome of the world. If one their champions - the child of light and the child of dark- fail then its game over, the other purpose will win and there will be no stopping it. 

David Eddings can create a picture in your head almost immediately with the way he controls the words to make a picture for you as best he can, the whole series is really good at showing how the main characters evolve and change over time and you can really relate to the characters problems, in all its so good at telling you the story and really getting to the point while keeping you interested. 

Pawn of Prophecy is first book in the series. 

By Spencer, Age 10